fur shoe pom poms
fur shoe pom poms
fur shoe pom poms

Multi coloured Mink Clip on Shoe Pom Poms

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A super cute accessory to accentuate any pair of shoes and indeed any outfit.

Multi coloured mink pom pom's which can be attached to any pair of shoes, trainers, heels, summer sandals with their stainless steel shoe clip and they are completely detachable.

These Pom Pom's have been created from what is known as a fur plate, where left over pieces have all been sewn together to create a sheet of fur, this is a traditional method of using up every piece of fur which would otherwise be considered as waste,
most famously connected to the town of Kastoria in Greece.
Due to the nature of the fur plate not one pair will ever be the same keeping each one completely unique.
There is currently three versions available please check out the listings for further options in 'Fluffy Charms'.



Genuine multi coloured mink Pom Pom's measuring 6-7cm in width

Stainless steel clip