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Offering Furrier services, repairs,remodels and bespoke orders are welcome which are carefully undertaken in our studio in Plymouth Devon.

Brooke's expertise in traditional and modern Furrier and pattern cutting skills we are able to perform alterations, repairs, new linings or complete transformations of your beloved fur garment into a piece or pieces, which are fresh and more fitting to your personal style. 

The possibilities are pretty much endless with what we can create from an inherited or vintage fur garment that would otherwise become sadly stashed in the back of a wardrobe, one of the many beauties of fur it is completely recyclable!

     Bucket Bag Made From Vintage Printed Beaver lamb
                     Fox Fur Detachable Collar/Scarf
          Navy Fox Fur Headband/Mink Headband from Vintage Fur


We can use either vintage fur which can be used in a variety of ways to create new and functional pieces. Or we also welcome custom orders where we can source specific colours and types of fur for your requirements. From trimming garments and accessories, such as glove or sleeve cuffs, collars, hood trims to Gilets, cushion covers, throws, Pom pom key rings, bags, scarves,headbands, boot covers, its quite surprising what can be created from a fur coat!



Clutch Bags Made From Vintage Printed Beaver lamb

  Clutch Made From Vintage Mink


Brooke works from her small yet efficient home studio arranging an appointment is essential, or she also has wheels and so can travel to her clients locally.
We can offer advice on what would best work for your particular fur or design, pattern cut, source the fur and any other materials or fabrics required for your designs, we just need your ideas so we can grant your wishes.


Wedding Fur, Fox Fur Collar


Please contact us to have a chat about your requirements or to arrange an appointment