About Brooke 

"I am well travelled and from a Theatrical backround, in 2014 I graduated with first class honours in fashion, during the creation of my final collection I developed my love for Fur and began to explore Fur in great detail, with all of my life experience behind me in which to inspire me I decided to create Brooke Maria"

Brooke Maria was born by designer Brooke Tippett based in South Devon UK. A platform to showcase her bold and vibrant designs and to celebrate her creative skills, an array of playful creations which combine an elaborate mix of unusual fabrics, furs, and knits. Colours and textures have all been carefully combined to create high end innovative designs, one off and limited edition pieces.

Through training with specialist Furrier Chris Courtenay Williams from Chester, Brooke has been handed down vital knowledge of the traditional techniques used to work with fur, Brooke has furthered her knowledge through deconstructing numerous fur garments to examine different construction methods.

Having been introduced to Saga Furs and Hockley of London through a competition workshop she was offered further insight into contemporary ideas and techniques which make this beautiful material more versatile.

It became apparent to Brooke that the possibilities with working with fur are endless and so armed with all this knowledge, experience, fur machine and Brooke's creative drive the magic started to happen.

We are proud to say that each of our delicious designs are handcrafted in Britain, using both traditional and modern techniques, quantities of each product are minimal keeping pieces unique in style. 

Furs are obtained and ethically sourced from a variety of dealers and family businesses in both the UK and Europe. Brooke is an Associate member of The British Fur Trade and uses fur as part of the Origin Assured Initiative.

We also use furs which are a by product of another industry which otherwise would be considered as waste.

Vintage fur garments and accessories are also selected, which are deconstructed and up cycled into modern and fresh pieces putting a contemporary twist on vintage fashion, each of our pieces are labelled and priced accordingly to the type and source of the fur.

All leathers, yarn, hardware and all the other fabulous fabrics used are sourced within the UK as much as possible although sometimes we may have to look further afield to get exactly what is required at the correct quality. 

This is just the start of our adventure we are currently conjuring up more unique pieces to keep your wardrobe entertained !

Please get in touch if there is something we can create for you